About Us

About Morgan’s Deals

Morgan’s Deals is a family owned and family oriented daily deal website. After finding that other larger billion-dollar daily deal website companies were hurting many local businesses in Austin, Kansas City and St Louis by selling more deals than many businesses could handle, Morgan’s Deals' staff decided they needed to start their own to provide excellent deals that benefit both customer and merchant alike. After clients told Morgan's Deals about overselling by other websites, Morgan's Deals decided to offer a daily deal in an less aggressive manner and sell a number of deals that a business could reasonably handle without hurting their good service to their regular clientele. Bobby and Gloria Adkins have owned local direct mail coupon companies for many years in three cities and have thousands of happy long-term clients. Later Fort Collins, owned by Marty Thomas, joined Morgan’s Deals. He has owned direct mail envelope coupon companies for decades in his city, as well as owning a coupon magazine. He too shared the Morgan’s Deals values of only selling what a particular business can handle.

Morgan's Deals is not in this business for a quick buck or to be bought out like many “me too!" clones. Morgan's Deals wants to help consumers get great values without giving up great service from a local merchant. Each city has local office where local merchants and consumers can walk in for any problem or issue. Morgan's Deals doesn’t have a big million-dollar budget for online ads; in fact, Morgan's Deals has spent no money so far on these types of ads, running only ads for new subscribers through Morgan's Deals direct mail coupon companies. This company relies on consumers to tell their friends and family about Morgan’s Deals and what it stands for. Advertisers pay nothing to be featured on Morgan’s Deals, and deals appear for a minimum of 24 hours. Most of the offers feature 50-80% discounts on various products and services from local establishments, and consumers can sign up for an email to keep up with the new deal of the day.

Once a consumer purchases the deal, they simply print a voucher and take it to the business to get redeemed. We routinely have deals that feature restaurants, salons, spas, nightlife, entertainment, retailers, theaters, tourism venues, and various services all over the Metro area.

Is there a real Morgan?

Morgan is a real person, the Adkins’ daughter. She really does go out and look for the best deals to run on the website.

How Morgan’s Deals can help jumpstart your business:

  • Entice new customers to buy your product or service
  • Keep customers coming back
  • Insulate your business from the competition
  • Generate leads
  • Provide seasonal sales and promotions
  • Increase your foot traffic
  • Get your phone to ring
  • Promote new products and services
  • Continually remind consumers of your business and give them reasons to buy from you
  • We put your offer in the hands of tens of thousands of consumers looking for special offers and new (to them) businesses to try out