Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions:

How Morgan’s Deals is different than the others? What’s different about Morgan’s Deals is how we’ve built our business. A majority of our subscribers have opted in because of our print advertising through Valpak, Austin Community Coupons magazine, and Austin Elegant Living magazine. These people tend to be a little older, better educated, and have more disposable income. They tend to spend more money online than the average consumer, and try new businesses at a higher rate.

We also have different relationships with the businesses we feature. Our deals typically come from businesses who advertise in Valpak, Austin Community Coupons magazine, and Austin Elegant Living magazine. We have a long standing relationship with these clients, some as long as 30 years. We work with them to provide our customers with the best and most varied deals possible.

What rules do I need to follow to make an offer? With Morgan’s Deals, as long as the deal makes sense, then we can make it. If you’re a restaurant and only want lunchtime or dinner traffic, then we’ll set up your offer that way. Dine in only? No problem. Include alcohol or not include alcohol with your discount? Either way works, it’s totally up to you. Good for retail? Absolutely, just remember to collect sales tax. You can offer a general deal ($15 for $30 of credit) or a specific deal ($45 for a 90-minute massage, $25 for on a special menu, $69 for a haircut, shampoo, coloring, and styling). There are no rules!

What if I’m already signed up with another daily deal website? What if I’ve run with another before? If you’ve run with (or talked to) one of our competitors, then that’s great! You have an idea of what the group buying model is and what it can do. But don’t worry about contacting the same people if you’ve run with someone else before; we’ve built our subscriber list in a different way and have attracted a different group of buyers (one a little older and with more disposable income). We take care not to run similar deals (or locations in town) to close to each other so that every deal has the best chance to maximize results.

Why should I discount my product/services AND give up a percentage? First of all, Morgan’s Deals doesn’t require any money out-of-pocket. The percentage you’re giving up goes to cover some of the expenses associated with our website, developing our customer base, and our promotions. Also, we’re only getting paid when we deliver a prepaid customer to you. We’re taking all of the risk and don’t profit unless we deliver. We’ll make sure to offer a deal to our customers that is not only a great deal for them but maximizes the profitability for you.

Our clients have given us feedback on our customers, and some of the numbers have been startling: 20%-40% of deal vouchers are not redeemed. That’s free money to you. 60%-90% of redeemed vouchers spend more than 45% over the voucher limit, meaning the customers are more than covering your discount. We’ve heard many stories from people who have discovered new places and kept going back once they discovered them through Morgan’s Deals, so you’ll have the chance to turn new customers into loyal customers.

How many Deals can I buy with referral points?
We are delighted that you refer your friends and family to us, but we allow only one Deal offer to be purchased referral points.

When do I get my voucher?
You will receive your voucher in your account within 30 minutes of purchasing this deal. Your deal voucher will not be valid until the following day (unless otherwise noted).
*NOTE: Check your junk mail folder!

When is my voucher valid?
Please check the dates of validity. They are different for each deal depending on the restrictions of the voucher.

How do I check off expired or used vouchers?
Login to the website. Go to your profile by hitting the “Manage (username’s) Profile” at the top right of the page. When you are on your page, go to the tab marked “My Vouchers” and you will see all the Deals you have purchased; please click on the offer, and in case you have had multiple, it will sort by voucher number. Click on the used vouchers, and hit update at the bottom.

When is my credit card charged?
Your credit card is charged immediately when you click the “Purchase This Deal” button.

What will show up on my credit card statement?
Your credit card statement will show a purchase for the deal price listed next to “MorgansDeals, Inc.”.

Can I cancel my order?
To cancel or change your order contact our support team @ Unless a deal's fine print states otherwise, any unredeemed Morgan's Deals voucher may be returned within the first 7 days after purchase. In other cases where a Morgan's Deals voucher is not redeemed, returns are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Is this safe?
Oh yes! We take the security of your personal information very seriously and utilize 128-Bit SSL encryption to ensure that your credit card information is secure.

Will you resale my information?
NEVER! Your information is 100% safe and secure. We would never do anything to violate your trust in us, including selling your information. This. Won’t. Happen. Ever.